Report for ‘Software Installed’ and ‘Date Installed’

Recently the following question can up

“I’m looking to create a report that searches for software, but I can’t figure out (not sure if it’s even possible) how to query for the date it was installed.

For example, a query to search for Adobe Acrobat Pro and the date it was installed.

I know how to create the query to search for the product in Add\Remove, but am having a dificult time trying to find out its date of installation.

Any suggestions?”

Anyways you can create a report with this data but unfortunately the data is unreliable mostly because not all software companies populate this data nor do they use a common format for the date.

To help show the point run these queries against your SMS/ConfigMgr db. Each SQL query will help to demonstrate the issues with the installdate field.


case isdate(ARP.installdate0)
  when 0 then ‘False’
  when 1 Then ‘True’
  Else ‘Error’
End as ‘Dates’,
count(*) as ‘Count’
from dbo.v_Add_Remove_Programs ARP
group by

select Distinct
count(*) as ‘Count’
from dbo.v_Add_Remove_Programs ARP
group by
Order by


The first SQL query will show you all the count of how many are actually dates. The second one is count of the dates as you scroll through the list you will see the different formats and how many dates are set to NULL.

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