ConfigMgr Ranger Training

So Brian posted a blog about ConfigMgr Range training, this goes alone the same lines as System Center Configuration Manager Enterprise Administrator and System Center Operation Manager Enterprise Administrator

Configuration Manager needs an MCITP and so does OpsMgr!

Microsoft last suggestion that the System Center MCITP (70-402) would included both 70-400 and 70-401 (Sorry Trika et al), just does not make sense, hence why I did my blog post about Enterprise Administrators!

Personally, I would go for the both options in a heartbeat, if the option was available to me! But to become a ranger you don’t just study and pass and exams, you must truly understand the product, be invited to take the training, (which cost gig bucks) and be reviewed by both MS & your peers.

So what I’m I doing to work towards this? Well first step is to continue working on study for exams to get my “System Center Configuration Manager Enterprise Administrator” (SCCMEA) 🙂

And I think that for the licensing component of SCCMEA that Planning, Implementing, and Maintaining a Software Asset Management (SAM) Program should qualify.

After all of the exams that I have done recently I still don’t have neither the SCCMEA or SCOMEA yet! However I am still working on trying to “Put my money where my month is”! I might regret putting the MSI certification in there but…

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