Finally Zune’s can be used within Canada!!!! I bought a Zune a while back only to find out that Zune.net blocked all Canadian connection to their site!


Well I reviewed an email from Rod Trent today, letting me know that I can use my Zune.  For those of you who care this is my Social site, I’m upgrading my Zune and the software now, the setup program does not like my ConfigMgr applying software updates to my PCs.. <Grr…> but I will work around that soon. đŸ™‚



From: Rod Trent
Sent: May-06-08 1:17 PM
To: ‘Garth Jones’
Subject: FW: Zune Canadian Release Date Officially Confirmed




Feed: Bink.nu
Posted on: Tuesday, May 06, 2008 12:56 PM
Author: Sumeeth Evans
Subject: Zune Canadian Release Date Officially Confirmed


Any Canadian Zune fans out there? I’ve just received the press release confirming the Zune release in Canada. Starting today, the Zune software can be downloaded at www.Zune.ca. For the Zune…

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