DataShift – Shares

Here is the MOF edit for DataShift – Shares found on the SMS Expert Site

DataShift – Shares will return a list of share on the local PC.


#pragma namespace(“\\\\.\\root\\cimv2\\SMS”)

#pragma deleteclass(“SMX_Shares”,NOFAIL)


[SMS_Report(TRUE), SMS_Group_Name(“Share Information”), SMS_Class_ID(“MICROSOFT|SMXShareInfo|1.0”)]


class SMX_Shares : SMS_Class_Template


[SMS_Report(TRUE)]    boolean AllowMaximum;

[SMS_Report(TRUE)]   string  Description;

[SMS_Report(TRUE)]    string  Description;

[SMS_Report(TRUE),Key]    String  Name;

[SMS_Report(TRUE)]    string  Path;

[SMS_Report(TRUE)]    string  Status;


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