News from Seattle

Well yesterday was a interest day.



The confusing thing about this training is what acronym to use for System Center Configuration Manager 2007! I thought it was ConfigMgr! However most ( if not all) documentation and presenters are still calling it SCCM so does that mean ConMan is still a valid Acronym? That is the one I like but something tells me that MS marketing will never let that one out the door. J


The best thing that happened yesterday was to watch the MMC crash during one of the presentation! I have no idea if he has all of the HF applied but I know that I have all of the ones that where suggested in the beta newsgroup + all of the prereqs! And it still crashes on a regular bases for me. I have to find out if there are poweshell commandlets  for all major commands as the existing console is a BIG pain in the a**!!!!

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