Over the next few weeks my blog will be on autopilot, I’m sure that some of you have noticed in the past weeks that I have been very busy. The big hit started last week and things are still nuts.


–          I took on a new project with deadline both last week and this week, other deadlines TBA.

–          My mother flew into town last night.

–          I have to user group trip to Toronto later this week

–          I’m proctoring the hands on lab at the EnergizeIT event on Saturday

–          I have to review and edit the hand on lab manual

–          I have to plan a bachelor party for the 23rd.

–          Prepare of a user group meeting on the 28th.

–          Prepare and present a chapter to the study group, with any luck I can read it on the plane to Toronto.

–          And have a large number of business, user group and personal meeting to attend.


I will still be around and I will still try to read newsgroups and mailing list, but I will be on the quite side.


So in order to maintain my one post per day, I taken a few hours this morning to pre-post a number of blogs. List alphabetically here are the blog post titles, If you would like to see one earlier than later let me know and I will juggle them around.


All IP Device Reports

Count of Auto startup applications.

Count of Auto startup Publishers

Count of Browser Helper Objects

Count of Browser Helper Objects Publishers

Count of Installed Software by Registered User.

Count of Installed Software Categories by Family and Category Names

Count of Installed Software Categories by Family Name

Count of Installed Software Categories by Normalized Application name.

Count of Installed Software Categories by Normalized publisher name.

List all distribution point groups.

List all Status message queries

List of Package status at each DP

MS Technical article 828368


One final note, on July 1 my blog will be Canadian Fun Links in honour of Canada day! So keep an eye out for it, you will get a good laugh!







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