Month: April 2007

Fun links

On Monday I was out with a few Techies friends and none of them have heard about the following fun links! So I’m posting them for them to check out plus it has been a while since I have posted any fun links.     Mac vs PC vs Linux […]

SPF Record

Monday night I was out with a few Techies and the conversation got around to “how most ISP block port 25”, “hosting companies”, and “SPAM”.     During our discussions I mentioned that a while back my hosting company would get added on to one of the trigger happy Blacklist servers for 24 hours at […]

Pet peeves

While reviewing Rod’s book I was reminded of one of my pet peeves.   One of my pet peeves is when the package source is listed as a drive letter instead of as a UNC path. Why you ask? Have you every tried to troubleshoot why a package is not deploying to a distribution point […]

Pro SMS 2003 Chapter 6

Chapter 6 is titled “SMS 2003 Patch Management”, and in this chapter Rod talks about using SMS 2003 to do patch management.   EVERYONE SHOULD READ THIS CHAPTER.   No matter what your experience is with SMS you should read this chapter even if it is to reaffirm what you are already doing!   Since […]

Port 25

Monday night I was out with a few Techies and the conversation got around to “how most ISPs block port 25”, “hosting companies”, and “SPAM”.     Monday night I mentioned how there was another port that you could use to send email and about how to keep your site off blacklists. As many of […]

Pro SMS 2003 Chapter 5

Chapter 5 is titled “SMS 2003 Software Delivery and Reporting”, and in this chapter Rod talks about Packages / Programs, Advertisements, Software Metering, Queries and Web Reports.   He talks about what each setting does and why it is there. He points out some of the less known and more   Package One of my […]

Package List

This query will list all Pacakges within SMS.   SELECT  vPackage.PkgID AS ‘SMSPKGID’,  vPackage.Name AS ‘Name’,  vPackage.Version AS ‘Version’,  vPackage.Language AS ‘Language’,  vPackage.Manufacturer AS ‘Manufacturer’,  vPackage.Description AS ‘Description’FROM  vPackage vPackageORDER By  vPackage.PkgID

Pro SMS 2003 Chapter 4

Chapter 4 is titled “SMS 2003 Resource Management”, and in this chapter Rod talks about Site Assignment, Collections and Client Heath Reporting.   One of the most overlooked add-ons to SMS is the client health tool. This tool is used to help detect problem with your client, and point you in the right direction to […]


This SQL Query can be used to see how WQL is converted to SQL by SMS for collections. SelectCollections.SiteID, Collections.CollectionName, Collection_Rules.QueryName, Collection_Rules_SQL.WQL, Collection_Rules_SQL.SQL From Collections,Collection_Rules, Collection_Rules_SQLWhere      Collections.CollectionID = Collection_Rules.CollectionIDAND  Collections.CollectionID = Collection_Rules_SQL.CollectionID

Count of sound cards