First impression of SMS 2003 SP3 – Updated Web Report

What is with all the special characters? “û”


Not all reports seem to work correctly for example:
Estimated Computer Age by Ranges within a Collection, I used the all system collection.


Other issues I have with some of the new reports
Why included the Resource ID? This will only confuse Management; they don’t understand what it is and why they need it.


It is nice to know that there are 2 full Package for Office Pro but why can’t I get a list of who has it?


Look at the “Software by Category and Family” report using all systems and selecting “Unidentified” applications. I would think that all security updates would not fall within the category. After manually looking throw all 167 records all but 10 are hot fixes.


To confuse me even more Report 2a “Uncategorized Software” only has 22 applications listed on it. So does this mean 167-22 = 145 applications from above have be categorized as “Unidentified”?



What I like!
Report License 1A


This is a helpful report and the drill throw work as expected! The same goes for report 4a “Browser Helper Objects”.


Final thoughts, I think over all the idea within SMS 2003 SP3 is a good idea, I just think that it needs a bit of work.


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