Book review: Pro SMS 2003 by Rod Kruetzfeld, Part 2

Chapter 2

This chapter is all about planning your deployment of SMS 2003, some of the topics covered within this chapter are:

  • Should you upgrade or start new and some of the reasons for both
  • Setup documentation
  • Capacity planning
  • Server (Hardware) Setup
    • Drive Arrays
    • Server Type
  • SQL Setup
  • AD Heath
  • SMS Setup
    • Network discovery
    • Site boundaries


Again with this chapter Rod provides some valuable tips, for example one of the most often overlooked areas of SMS environment is the heath and procedures around Active Directory (AD) environment. 


I agree with Rod that AD heath checks are a good idea and I will take his suggestion one step farther. If you have a Microsoft technical account manager (TAM) ask them about a proactive rapid on site support (ROSS) engineer visit to do an AD health check. With each health check the engineer will review your environment and make suggestions to improve it within their final documentation of your environment.


There are also health checks for SMS, Windows, and Exchange. These health checks are invaluable as supporting documentation to project plans or funding proposals.


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