Book review: Pro SMS 2003 by Rod Kruetzfeld, Part 1

Today instead of writing about a SQL query or “How to…” I have decided to review a new book on the market called “Pro SMS 2003” by Rod Kruetzfeld.  Over the next few weeks I will intermix reviews of each chapter for “Pro SMS 2003”.


Preface and Chapter 1


About the author: Rod Kruetzfeld has been working with SMS since the SMS 1.2 days at least, as a senior consultant based out of Calgary.


Within these chapters Rod describes the basics of SMS 2003: what is a SMS site, what is a SMS site server, etc. As you read through this book you will realized that Rod has used SMS for a while and has been part of many SMS roll-outs.


Throughout the chapters Rod lists some of best practices such as having a dedicated SQL server and preferably on the same server as SMS. Also he recommends keeping a record of changes to SMS particularly during the proof of concept and pilot phase, in order to help understand one’s environments and to understand SMS itself. Both of these are things that I recommend to my clients as well.


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